Monday, January 2, 2012

Install order for Firefox add-ons

Allow me to suggested an order in which to installing Firefox add-ons. Note that you typically need not restart the browser after installing each and every add-on. However, I cannot guarantee that not doing so will not run you into trouble.

First of all you should ensure that you keep the configuration free from unused options. In order to do so allow me to suggest that the first add-on you install is one that helps you with this (i.e. before you mess up the config).

Note that if you manually modify config settings it may be a good idea to document what you did. Otherwise you will sooner or later forget for what purpose you made which modification and it may even occur that you altogether forget that you made a certain modification – and chances are that you will need to recall precisely that forgotten detail.
  • Preferences Cleaner - Restart after installing this add-on to make sure that it is in place before you install anything else.
Now you should add some protective measures:
Once the above add-ons (or at least the ones in bold) choose from the other add-ons listed on this page. Allow me to start with a set of suggested add-ons that aim at tuning Firefox:
The purpose of the next bunch of add-ons is providing features to Firefox that are not site-specific:
This bunch of add-ons improve the GUI:
The next bunch is for looking up words and phrases:
Finally here is a bunch of quite site-specific tools:
You may wonder why I am so insane that I wrote this text. Actually this has little to do with sanity – the above documents in which order I actually added the listed bunches of add-ons after my Firefox config had gotten too messy ☺

2012-01-02, 17:46 UTC: I removed Easy App Tabs from the list as its feature is provided by Tab Mix Plus.
2012-01-02, 18:3 UTC: Added GoogleReaderPlus (forgotten)

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